Photos by Michael Kaiser's dad

EXPO Watch camera

"I have listed below several photographs my father took in France in 1919 with an EXPO Watch camera and enlarged on a EXPO Enlarger. My Father was confined to hospital for about 6 months with the flu that struck at the end of Worl War I. Somewhere between the trenches and the hospital his 9 x 12 cm ICA glass plate camera disappeared and he wrote my grandfather for a SMALL replacement camera, so my grandfather sent the smallest he could find, the EXPO. The images measure about 1 3/4 x 3 " and are very grainy (no tech pan in those days. The first is of the original Ferris Wheel in Paris . The second is titled "from the red cross building" . The next two show the dedication of a War memorial.

The negatives are approx 16mm x 21mm. The enlarger was just a small cardboard box contraption that had a small lens inside and you placed the negative above it in a slot and the paper at the bottom. The enlarger disappeared years ago but I remember my father making some images in the early 50's of a vacation we took to some lake in Ohio. Wish I had it today. It used 2" x 3" paper that he had to cut from larger sheets. Still have the camera and it works, I shot a couple of photos for one of my photo classes a couple of years ago."

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