Photos by Steve Henshall

Minox B

"This is from my test roll. The first roll of film I put through the camera. Minocolor 100 developed by MPL. I call the picture; "The inverse law of carbonation." I put a Coke in the freezer to cool it down and then forgot it. Needless to say it froze solid. Then I let it warm up to room temp and you can see the result. Shot at 1/10th second from a tripod mounted Minox B distance is about 10 inches. Existing light using the camera's meter for the shutter speed setting. I put a white paper towl over the toaster oven on the kitchen cabinet for a backdrop. Light is from the overhead incandecent light fixture and a small window about 3 feet on the left hand side. The picture was imported into Adobe from a flat bed scanner and is not retouched at all just very slightly cropped. It is probably about 98% of the original."

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