Photos by Charles Trentelman

various cameras

Charles Trentelman, self-and-rather-unflattering-portrait, with Minolta 16II on asa 100 film. Print out, post in rest room, roachs guaranteed to go somewhere else.

My son, Ben, 17, shot with the Minox B, using Ilford HP5-plus film rated at a whopping 1,600 asa, developed in d-76, 68 degrees, for 12.5 minutes, undilute developer, and printed on RC paper using a no. 2 contrast filter (actually, no filter at all, same thing). Surprisingly good, considering.

A similarly shot picture which shows a potter potting.

Both ASA 1600 shots were taken under florescent light at a shutter speed of 1/100 second except the potter was shot at 1/50th bekuz it was a bit dimmer there.

Prints were scanned on some astonishingly expensive scanner my brother has, he being the commercial photographer and me being the poverty-striken bum.

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