Photo by Kenneth Trettin

Minox IIIs

"The second great advantage of the subminature camera is having it with you. Our County Conservation Commission has a park about a mile and a half from my home. It is an abandoned brick yard and clay pit. The pit is one of many sites in the area where fossils can be found and taken home with you. It is also a good place for bicycling, with your subminature camera in your pocket. Here we see an abandoned brick kiln and a pile of old railroad ties. The ties about three foot away, the kiln about 75-100 foot away."

Late afternoon June sun, Minox IIIs, ASA 25 film (probably some outdated factory load that had spent part of its life in the deepfreeze), developed in Rodinal 1:50. 5 x 7 inch print on Polycontrast RC made with a Minox II enlarger. The grain is sharp, the exposure short. This enlarger is easy to use and is as important in subminature photography as a good camera.

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