Photos by Bryan Shumaker

Minox B

"The first SHOT is a Minox attached to a rather novel clock drive. You need a clock attached to the camera for any long exposure at nite because the earth is turning so rapidly there is movement seen on the pics. This drive is a windup clock especially designed for photog.--it rotates once in 24 hrs! Although not extremely accurate, it will allow pretty good shots with lower focal lengths for about 2-3 min.

The second pic is taken in the dark skies of southern Texas. This is the Milky way in all its glory--the lower part of the pic is towards the core of our galaxy. The more astronomy minded people can easily pick out a variety of nebulae and star clusters. The red light is my safety light just visible in the corner (and the edge of the tripod). This was shot with Minox Professional 100 color for abut 2 minutes--the shot is without any magnification and was taken with a Minox B. It was scanned in and slightly enhanced to bring up the contrast."

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