Mamiya cassettes can be the most confusing to reload. The main reason is that Mamiya made so many types of cassettes and what works for one type will not work for another. Any of the cassettes can be used in any of the cameras, but the reloading is different for each type. Some are easy to reload, some are difficult. There are two basic types of cassettes:.

  1. Drum pairs -- these are identical drums that are used in pairs without the common bridge connecting them. Mamiya made different type of drum pairs. Some were metal, some plastic. Some have snap-on caps on the top and bottom -- type A --, while others have screw-on caps -- type B. All drums have a spindle in the middle for both the take-up and feeder spools. This film however is only attached to the take-up spool. It is very important is to mark the take-up spool so that you'll know which spool to put in which end of the camera -- since the spools look identical.  Mark each cassette in some way so that you know which cassette is the feeder and which is the takeup spool. The two cassettes look identical and without marking them, you have no way of knowing which has the film in it.
  2. Bridged cassettes -- Mamiya also made the more common bridged cassettes. But there were different type of these as well. One type had a small cap covering on each end -- type C. The other had a cover for each end -- type D. The cover on the type D is much larger and covers the outside of the take-up and feeder spools, not just the top. You can tell which type you have easily. The type C cassette has a spindle on both ends. The type D only has a spindle (not removeable) in the take-up chamber.

Click on the type of cassette or drum that you have for more specific instructions. In the "A", "B", and "C" style, if you don't use the spool on the supply side then the cassette will not be light tight since the spool hole in the cap will allow light to enter the chamber. Because of this design, you should use the spool on both the supply and take-up sides even though the spool provides no function in the feeder cassette.

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