The Petal came in different versions, and so there may be variations in these general instructions.

The Petal used a film cassette.  This is rather amazing for a camera this size, but it allowed film changes in daylight, if you had extra cassettes.  The cassette has two circular parts that unscrew. A film disk is placed inside and the two parts screwed back together. The disk of film must be created by a round film punch.  Petal made one of these, but you are unlikely to find it.  You can make one yourself or have one made for you.

The cassette, once loaded with film is inserted into the camera.  It has two screws.  The outer screw (red) is to lock the film cartridge in place to keep it from rotating when the camera back is rotated to advance from one frame to the next. The inner screw is designed to catch the stud to pull open the spring-loaded door/window. This is the reason why you have to turn the back section all the way around once before you're ready to shoot. This makes sure that the little door has been pulled open.

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