In a nutshell, the paper (B&W or color) is placed under the enlarger and exposed.  Just as in a camera, the exposure and focusing must be carefully determined.

  1. image selection -- choose a negative or slide that is correctly exposed and focused.
  2. paper -- select the type and size of paper to be used
  3. focusing -- place the film in the enlarger and focus the image
  4. exposure -- determine the correct f-stop and exposure time

Finally, the paper is placed under the enlarger, exposed and then processed.

Here are the materials you'll need to complete the steps.  You have a lot of options in terms of equipment. Check out the CAMERA SHOP for more details.

Here are the steps in detail:

1. Select and clean a negative or slide.

2. Select the type and size of paper you want

3. Turn the lights out and turn the safelights on.

4. Place the film in the enlarger and turn on the enlarger

5. At the maximum f-stop, compose and focus the image with the grain focuser on the easel

6. Determine the correct exposure (and color settings) according to the metering meter that you have available

7. Turn the enlarger off.

8. Put the paper in the easel

9. Set the f-stop and exposure time according to step #6

10. Expose the paper

11. Proceed with processing the paper

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