I've found that mixing and matching equipment from different systems really expands the capabilities of each. For example, I have an Olympus Pen D3. It's a great camera but has limited accessories. It happens to have a 43mm lens thread, which is the same as that on many Olympus Pen F and Ft lenses. This allows me to attach many of the Olympus Pen F and Ft accessories, greatly expanding the flexibilty of the Pen D3.

Lately, I discovered that the Yashica Samurai also has a 43mm filter thread on its zoom lens. The Samurai is a very recent half-frame camera that has a variety of close-up and tele-converter lens attachments. I simply screw on the Yashica 1.4x teleconverter into the Olympus Pen D3 and I have a Pen D3 with a telephoto lens. No exposure compensation is needed. The Pen D3 has a super faster f1.7 lens whereas the Samurai has an f3.5 lens, so the tele-converter is fuzzy on the edges wide open, but when stopped down the results are great!. People see my Pen D3 with a super-wide telephoto lens and can't beleive their eyes.

Yashica even made a 43mm to 58mm step-up ring for the Samurai that I can easily use to put a variety of filters on the Pen D3. You can have a lot of fun trying to get interesting accessories to fit on other cameras.

The moral is, when looking for accessories for your submini camera, don't just look at the model you have, or even just the camera company that manufactured the camera. Expand your horizons and you may find interesting accessories that will make your camera a super-performer!

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