Waist-level finders, and "spy finders" are neat accessories, but most subminis do not offer them.  If you still want to use one, you have a few options.  What I did was to take a waist-level finder off of an old Kodak folding camera (the finders are fairly small and kind of triangular on those), and I am going to saw the hot-shoe attatchment part off of an old broken flash, and use epoxy or JBWeld or something like that to attatch the finder to the shoe so that I can just pop the finder into the hot-shoe attatchment on the clip on tripod/hot shoe attatchment for my Minolta. If you check on e-bay, you can find pretty beat up kodak folders for about 5-8 bucks and the finders are pretty easy to remove.

Edmund Scientific is another source for finders.  They sell a wide variety of "mirrored prisms" in various sizes that can be glued onto a flash shoe, or the camera itself.  It's a good idea to glue a piece of plastic to the back of these silvered prisms to protect the coating from scratches.  In no time, you can have a waist-level finder and or a spy finder on just about any camera.

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