I found out a long ago that the edge of a dry-mount tacking iron and a piece of wood could be used to melt a new seam between each existing seam in standard 35mm negative pages, thus making perfect Minox, 16mm or 110 pages. I think high heat was used but some experimentation will be necessary. There seemed to be an exact temperature which fused the plastic without melting it too much. I would certainly NOT store negatives rolled! I have just finished un-curling negatives from the '30s which were stored in cans. UGH! It takes about a year rolled backwards before you can get them into a sleeve.

A similara approach is to modify 35mm negative file pages with a sewing machine.  Just sew a row right down the middle of each 35mm channel.

With these solutions you can cut negs in longer strips than you normally would, making them easier to handle in the enlarger.

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