The Atoron Electro is opened very similarly to the Atoron (plain).  Pull the advance lever partly out, remove the screws that hold the hinge. Let the assembly slide back in the whole way. Remove the threaded collars for the flash connection & the wrist strap,etc. This should allow the front to slide out. Be careful... observation is the best skill, write notes, order is important,etc... be careful when removing & reinserting film counter dial. I think there's an eccentric cam underneath which must be engaged with a lever when reassembling to ensure film spacing.

Before trying to slide the front (which carries the whole works) out of the case, remove the battery cover and the film chamber cover. And also the small lever for opening the film chamber. The nut holding it is underneath a small felt cover on the lever itself. You will need a slotted screwdriver for this nut.

Before removing the little nut under the felt pad on the cover release, make sure you slide off the back cover completely. Also, a useful tool is to take an old jewelers screwdriver & grind out a center slit on the blade, to facilitate grabbing the nut in question, since sometimes the threaded portion of the stud extends beyond the reach of the flat blade. Grinding a set of bent long nose pliers to a point makes a good wrench for removing those threaded rings that have the 2 pins. A cheap way is to bend open a paperclip into a "U" shape and grab laterally with a plier once set in the holes. (prone to slip & scratch though....caveat repairor!!)

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