Electronic cameras have their pros and cons. For example, if the shutter depends on the battery, you can be sure that the battery will die when you are miles from the nearest store. A lot of the newer cameras, such as the Yashica Samurais, have a hidden secondary battery to keep all of the computerized functions running when the primary battery dies. But even some of the older cameras, such as disc cameras, had these non-user replaceable batteries that the camera depended on. In the disc system the battery that powers the flash and film advance, if so equipped.

Should you have a slipped disc, what have you got to lose by taking it apart and seeing if you can fix it? I took my Minolta Disc 7 apart 4 weeks ago, because the original batteries gave out, and to my suprise found out that inside were two Lithium batteries the same size as the "123" lithium batteries. The only difference was that they had solder tabs & a thermal cutoff sensor. Guess what??? My disc camera is now wearing a new set of batteries & ready to go for as long as disc film is available, maybe longer....don't know what kind of Lithium batteries are in other models, but the Disc-7 is fixable!

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