There are several reasons why subbers are frequently on the lookout for camera cases:

If you are on the lookout for a camera case for your submini, you are in luck.  No other photographic format has so many choices.  Here are some options to try.

Camera shops often have bins of old camera cases for sale -- for next to nothing.  Most of the cases will be for 35mm or other older, larger-sized cameras.  But who knows, you might find the original camera case for your camera -- especially if it is a half-frame.  Down at the bottom of the bin, you will also find a bunch of "accessory" cases.  These are small cases for various 35mm accessories that have long since disappeared.  But they might just fit your submini perfectly.  So keep digging.  

Cases for several non-photographic products can also be placed into service.  Cases for pocket knives, harmonicas, ammo clips, tampons and other items, may be just the size for your camera.  Some are even lined to prevent scratching the surface of the camera.  Remember that the harder the case, the more protection it will provide.

In short, look around and you'll find the perfect case for your gear -- probably for free!

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